Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Quite a constructive day today.

Spent the morning writing and thinking; 'jeez, it's the 13th of January and I still haven't written my December 08 Scrubs report for my website'. There comes a point when you suddenly realise how difficult it is to write what you hope is interesting and original prose for magazines and such like. You can spend ages deliberating and doing  everything but what you are supposed to be doing.

Take today for instance: I managed to play football with a tennis ball with my best mate in the backyard, went out and bought a newspaper, met a girl in Space NK who contacted me for advice on being a presenter, went out and bought some hot chocolate (my phone was far away!) and ended up chatting with the woman about a transvestite she had met earlier!

Oh, I did do a brief telephone interview with The Guardian. They called me as they are putting together a series asking various experts about their favourite city place where they go to practice being experts. If you know what I mean. Naturally, I said Wormwood Scrubs and the interviewer seemed genuinely impressed when I started to mention the wealth of rarities that have shown up there. The series starts at the end of the month.   

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