Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spring Oddity

As per usual on a Saturday, I donned my 'The Cat' goalkeeping shirt and stood between the sticks to save many of the shower of shots that were fired at me. We won.

Yesterday, the news broke that Bill Oddie was leaving Springwatch. I actually knew on Monday but was sworn to secrecy. It will be very interesting to see who (if anyone) they get to replace him. I've heard the names Alan Titchmarsh, comedian Rory McGrath and Ben Fogle bandied around. 

What do you guys think?


Alan T said...

Not interested yourself? If your applyinmg tip us a wink and we'll get a few quid on at high odds before the bookies know what's hit em

The Urban Birder said...

I'd never get it in a million years at the moment.

They won't even let me do a 5 minute piece let alone anchor it. They say I haven't got enough mileage. Anyway, I'd rather do a renegade version on Channel Five.

Watch this space!

Mr Stiths said...

It'll be intresting to see if the viewing figures take a nose dive. Personally none of the three presenters named in your post would tempt me to watch the show in Bill's absence. At least the message board wont be full of the annual Bill Oddie slanging fest. These people amaze me how they slag bill off so much but continue to watch the series. I'm sure they only watch it so they can slag him off.

Wild Freckle said...

Personally I shall miss him. I've grown up with Bill and one of the things I loved about him was how he treated birding as something anyone could do - not just an "elitist" group of people. Names I have heard are Chris Packham, Simon King and Gordan Buchanan - I think the last two prefer to be out in the field on assignments rather than stuck in one place - Alan Titchmarsh - please no - a great gardener but not Springwatch - I think you would be great - their loss and Channel 5's gain!

Thing said...

Renegade Birding - it's got a great ring to it!

JRandSue said...

Mike Dilger, Chris Packham or yourself are all quite capable of doing it.
On a different note, I laugh every time I think back to one of your first articles about a rather posh female birder and you use the phrase, 'then she got her woodpeckers out'. Brilliant writing.