Friday, 9 January 2009

Sick pigeons

Ahh! Is there some sick over there?

It was bloody freezing today!

Which is a good thing if you ask me. In these globally warmed days it's almost heartening that it's cold at the appropriate time of year. I know that in the long run my assumption is probably as scientifically incorrect as you can get, but there is something comforting about feeling cold in the winter. I hope that I will be feeling warm during the summer!

Today, I had to run a few errands in the westend. I nipped into my drycleaners near Selfridges and did my usual movie chat with dry cleanist Sean Gallagher. (Do you like the phrase 'dry cleanist'?) He often rings up when I'm on Radio London posing as a caller interested in asking me a birding questions but then he blows his cover by seeing that he's my dry cleaner!

Whilst in Soho, I met Scott Crane who is the creator and administrator of 'The Urban Birder Appreciation Society' on Facebook. He informed me that I've now got 70 plus members and that I needed to add new content. So be it.

Finally, before heading off home to continue toiling behind a computer screen, I came across a Feral Pigeon standing in a pool of fresh vomit on the pavement, pecking at the still warm diced carrots.


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