Thursday, 8 January 2009


Me a little while ago
I've been a near hermit for the last few days as I desperately try to catch up on the writing that I should have taken care of over Christmas. Like most people, it's all about getting started and being intrinsically lazy makes it trebly hard. Having said that, I am confident that all will be done by next Monday.

Other than that, I made a few phone calls to contacts in production companies to set up meetings to get some ideas off the ground. One of which is to convince someone to back my plan to shoot a pilot for an urban birding TV series that I have been developing for nearly 3 years now. I really want to make that series.

This afternoon I also had a bit of a mid-week sports special - a lunchtime football match in Maida Vale, around 2 miles from my house. We ended up loosing but whilst languishing in goal I was certain that I heard a Siskin calling overhead.

I better head off now. Words to write...

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