Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Dilge & I

So much for getting up early today.

Well I did, but I slunk back into bed to dream of finding a wintering flock of Lapland Buntings in the grassland on The Scrubs. My dream was cruelly cut short by a phone call at 9am. Yes, I have lie ins on weird days.

At 12.30pm Mike Dilger showed up at my house and after tucking into some brunch down the road, we settled down to 6 hard hours of graft on our joint talk at my place. This session was punctuated by raucous laughter and the odd outbreak of 'shape cutting' by Dilger whenever a Prince tune was played on the music system. Our talk's looking in great shape. We just have to rehearse it now.

As he was leaving a Mistle Thrush briefly piped up from outside the back windows. It was so brief that Mike thought that it was a Blackbird. Perhaps he was right.

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