Monday, 12 January 2009

Blue and Grey Finches?

I like blue skies
It was a wet and dismal for most of the day. To be honest, I felt tired of writing so I actively avoided it today and set my sights on the other projects that I'm involved with. 

For instance, I'm chairing the London Biodiversity Forum on Thursday which I'm sure will be pretty interesting. I'm meeting with Gardman (purveyors of bird feeders and bird food) this coming Wednesday as they are interested in sponsoring me. I'm really up for it because feeding birds is a very important issue for me. Interestingly, last Friday I gave a few quotes for the Shepherds Bush Gazette on feeding birds. They managed to gloriously misquote me by saying that I had noticed that all the 'Blue and Grey Finches' had left The Scrubs to take refuge in local gardens.

Next Friday, I am supposed to be meeting up with The Dilge (Mike Dilger) to work on our showstopping talk in Clacton, Essex at the end of the month. We are talking to around 900 people, so it's a big one. Am I repeating myself again?

Oh, my Blackberry was rescued from the jaws of death by a geezer in one of those dodgy shops on Oxford Street. After being written off by T-Mobile, he repaired it for £20 and made me a happy man in the process.

I can face the world again....

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