Sunday, 4 January 2009

Norfolk 'n' good

Bohemian Waxwing (Sacha Barbato)
After football on Saturday morning (6-6 draw), I headed down to Norwich to stay with my good birding mate John Charman and his wife. The idea was that on Sunday I would explore some of Norwich's better urban birding oases escorted by him.

I enjoyed a fabulous dinner (despite managing to get there an hour later than advertised) and a late night sitting up chatting.

In the morning we toured several locations picking up 15 Waxwings at Dussindale, a brief Firecrest along the railway path in the centre of the city, 3 Goosanders at the UEA Broad and a female Scaup consorting with 3 Tufteds at Wittlingham Broad.

A very good day in freezing conditions.

Got back home to London, completely knackered at 11pm. I will now have to arise at 6am, forego visiting The Scrubs to get writing. I'm so behind!

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