Thursday, 15 January 2009

They smelt of pubs.....

I didn't have an appropriate photo.
Last night I had my first official red carpet invite to the screening of Will Smith's new film 'Seven Pounds' and rub shoulders with other red carpet devotees such as Tom Cruise et al. Of course, I turned it down. I had much more important things to do, such as attending the London Natural History Society's Council meeting. My mission was to get them to agree to changing the London Natural History Society Ornithological Section's long winded name to the London Bird Club - which is much more user friendly.

It wasn't an easy ride, though I got support from the quarters I didn't expect it from. Surprisingly, the Council agreed to it in principle, so long as I could get the majority of Ornithological Section committee to agree. That meeting will be next Thursday night. The reason why I want a more friendly name is to try and attract younger birders to join the LNHS and besides, the LBC would look better on a tee shirt!

Today, I chaired the London Biodiversity Partnership Forum (yes, I didn't know what that title meant either). The funniest moment was when I introduced a speaker from the Peabody Housing Trust. This guy was dressed in a suit and had the same hairstyle as Paul Weller. He looked pretty cool actually. When he finished his presentation I thanked him and told the audience that he was a busy man and we were lucky the have him there because he had to take time out from his world tour with The Jam!

Some of the audience laughed whilst most collectively took a sharp intake of breath. The fella concerned retorted that I was the first person to ever say that to him. For a beat I thought that I offended him, until I saw him smiling. I thought it was a good gag - if I may say so myself!


Rare Visitor said...

Good but obviously not original.

The Urban Birder said...

What was not original? The Jam references or the gag? Or The London Bird Club?


Rare Visitor said...

The gag, I got the impression that when he said it was "the first time anyone had said that to him" it may of been with a hint of sarcasm?
LBC is a definite improvement.

The Urban Birder said...

Yeah, you're right. I was being a bit simple. Glad you like the LBC. I think it will catch on.