Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Bird Loving Cat

Football on Saturday morning was a bit of a triumph as we won by the ridiculous scoreline of 12-6 and the game included stint where I played in central defence for around 20 minutes. Which seriously curtailed any surreptitious birding that I do when I'm in my normal position as goalkeeper. Having said that, I only saw a Magpie today. 

They call me The Bird Loving Cat due to my apparent ability to pounce across the face of the goal like some scrambling cat leaping after a ball that has invariably already hit the back of the net.

No, I'm not that bad. I rather like my football moniker.

On Saturday evening, I was supposed to be live on BBC Radio 5 Live chatting about the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. But annoyingly, they never bothered to call me. I got the call today from an apologetic producer and in the end I was on tonight. The female presenter announced the piece by exclaiming, 'Calling all twitchers!'. My first thought was; you can't rely on twitchers to count the birds in the garden because they'd be out hunting for rare birds. I kept that thought to myself.

Despite the miserable weather, I had an excellent day in the office and made great headway on my to do list. Well, apart from the fact that I have not even looked at my talk that I'm doing tomorrow night, let alone rehearsed it!

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