Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Planning migrations..
After Monday night's mega jabbering I took a day of from communicating yesterday to get over it all. But the feedback was good and anyone out there reading this blog can feel confident and book Wembley Arena because we would fill it twice over!

On a serious note, the old gentleman that had the heart attack is on the mend and is recovering well. We can rest assured that it wasn't one of our jokes that set his heart off. Mind you, we did talk about girls a lot and in particular, we talked about the importance of women in the adolescent years of heterosexual boys. Maybe he got excited harking back to his younger days?

Today was a good day in The Urban Birder office. I got offered a 4 day trip to Lisbon, Portugal in May by the Portuguese Tourist Board so that I can research for an urban birding article for Bird Watching Magazine, Kensington & Chelsea Council called me (I met the woman at the recent London Biodiversity Forum that I chaired) and have offered me a role in a project to do with exposing wildlife to kids in the area. I'm meeting with those guys next week. I also was asked by Southwark Council to lead a bird walk next month and finally, I was invited to be a 'name' at the Spring Birdwatching Fair in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Keep it coming folks!


Wild Freckle said...

Jet! by Wings - was that a tenuous link?? what a fruitful day - you will be asking for a private jet no doubt to whisk you away - autographs will be appearing on Ebay next!

The Urban Birder said...

It was a Wings reference actually, but I couldn't put the 'wooo woooooo' bits into writing - well I couldn't yesterday!

Funny you should mention autographs. I did a signed drawing for the Manx Wildlife Trusts that they then auctioned on Ebay.

It sold for the princely sum of £9.95!