Sunday, 31 May 2009

Spring Birdfair

Sheena Harvey (Bird Watching Magazine editor) & I
What a gorgeous day today was. The hottest day of the year so far. Just the way I like it. My twitching instinct continue to grow within me unabated. If I wasn't obliged to be at the Spring Birdwatchers Fair at Middleton Hall in Tamworth, I would have been walking the marshes of Norfolk looking for Black-winged Pratincole or be strolling Pagham Harbour in Sussex looking for my personal second ever Oriental Pratincole (my first was the Norfolk bird that travelled up from Essex in the 90's). Yes, today had a definite Pratincole feel about it.

Instead, I was to be found hanging around Bird Watching Magazine and Birdguides' stands signing autographs, chatting and drinking tea. Because I am heading off to Budapest tomorrow for a week of birding I was able to contain the urge to go birding around the site and look for what would have been my first Cuckoo for the season, as one was heard calling by others near the car park.

TUB and Birdguides' lovely Fiona Barclay 
After pulling winning raffle tickets and saying my goodbyes to mates new and old, I headed back to Londinium full of excitement for the next up and coming days.


Tim Dolby said...

Fantastic birding blog mate. Interesting commentary. If you're interested have a look at my birding site at



holdingmoments said...

Looks like you had a great time David, and perfect weather.
Enjoy Budapest too.