Thursday, 14 May 2009


I love this shot of a female Golden Oriole (D. Stanic)
Yesterday's twitch was just the tonic I needed. I sprung out of bed with renewed vigour and optimism. As I travelled to The Scrubs, I remembered one of the several Urban Birder motos; 'Go out expecting everything or nothing. Then you'll never be disappointed.'

My patch was fairly quiet bar a singing Sedge Warbler, 2 Swallows and a couple Meadow Pipits were observed carrying food in the grassland. There were plenty of Common Whitethroats, Song Thrushes, Linnets and a singing Lesser Whitethroat. All was good in the hood.

I learnt today that the White-winged Black Tern had moved on along with its 13 or so Black Tern congeners - so I got in just in time. Checking Birdguides' website showed a large movement of Black Terns around the country with a sprinkling of White-winged Blacks. All very interesting.

This evening, I popped down to my local chippie for a fish and chip dinner. As I strolled down the road, I looked up and flying leisurely over was a Peregrine with full crop heading in the direction of nearby Paddington Station.

Another Urban Birder motto sprung to mind: Look up and enjoy.


Wild Freckle said...

sounds like a perfect day all in all!

Warren Baker said...

I could do with a sedgie onmy patch.

PS thanks for the April scrubs report. Reads much the same as mine in parts.

Anonymous said...

That Golden Oriole is one of my best shots in digiscoping ;-)
Nice species today on your patch; I would be already satisfied with only a Sedge Warbler in my patch!


JRandSue said...

Hi David, love your Mottos mind would read you can't find if you don't look.
I also digiscope and the Golden Oriole shot looks great.
Sunny Cornwall.

JRandSue said...

PS sorry for the spelling mistake mind should read mine.