Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Let's make a film

Today was quite interesting. For once, I spent a lot of time answering and sending emails that I should have sent about a thousand years ago. I also heard that I had received my European Cup Final tickets in the club ballot. The bad news is that I have to journey up to Manchester to pick up the tickets at Old Trafford. I'll probably do that on Friday.

I received a great email from Visit Finland inviting me up to the Finnish/Russian border to film the bears in the forest in July. How exciting is that? This trip would be over and above the scheduled trip to Helsinki on the behalf of Bird Watching Magazine to study the urban birdlife. My agent shared my enthusiasm too. She's a very lovely woman.

I also discovered Spotify for the first time today. I'd been meaning to get hooked up for sometime, so I was glad when I did it.

Tonight, I was in a private cinema in the plush Covent Garden Hotel watching a film called '44 Inch Chest' directed by my mate, Malcolm Venville. It's a London based film that will be released in the autumn. It's well worth a gander.

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