Sunday, 10 May 2009

ITV shoot

I had a great day shooting my segment on urban countryside for ITV's Countrywise in Kensal Green Cemetery. It was a beautiful day and the shoot ran fairly smoothly with great images captured of a Green Woodpecker emerging from its nest hole, dandy Stock Doves, not so loveable Rose-ringed Parakeets and some loafing Cormorants.

Perhaps the most unexpected find was the swarm of honey bees clumped together in some brambles. They were amazing. Although we spent the whole day there, I saw nothing untoward ornithologically apart from a possible Siskin that flew overhead.

We wrapped at 6pm and I went home to finish my Bird Watching article on Krakow - which needs to be in by tomorrow morning. My next major deadline is now to prepare a talk for next weekend's Lea Valley Nature Weekend that I will be attending next Sunday.

Come down and say hello if you are around!

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