Tuesday, 12 May 2009


The weather's been a bit weird lately. Quite windy and nippy, despite the sunshine. I woke up at 5am with the intention of going to The Scrubs. I'm still a bit dispirited at the moment and I blame it on a mixture of the embarrassment of avian riches in Poland and the lack of anything decent at my patch. It has left me feeling like writing the rest of the month off. Of course I won't, but such is the curse of an Urban Birder.

Today was spent largely behind my laptop screen dealing with emails and trying to complete my April Scrubs bird report. I have written one every month for the past 6 years and with each month it gets harder and harder. They are over 3,000 words long and as I try to keep them original and witty, they take so long to write.

Rain is forecasted for the morning so it's an extra lie in for me!

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Des McKenzie said...

Never fear Dave, it's when you least expect it that something special happens. I'm sure the Scrubs will have you smiling broadley in the not too distant.