Monday, 11 May 2009

Let's work

After knocking out my Bird Watching article last night in double-quick time I'm now riding the crest of the creative wave, rearing to write. So much so, that I called my potential future publisher to chivvy up the process of writing my first book. Anyway, that will be another story.

I'm looking forward to going to Lisbon, Portugal next week to study the urban birding for Bird Watching Magazine. It's gonna be great! The following week I will be in Rome to hopefully see Manchester United lift the European Cup.

I might even be able to get a urban birding piece out of it too.


holdingmoments said...

A book? I'll look forward to that Dave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Urban Birder;

I couldn't argee more about United lifting the European cup again but it will be tough - Let's hope so anyway!! As for a book I too also would look foward to that, and I'll be looking out for your segment on Country Wise. Also I may be down for the bird fair next Sunday but not guaranteed...When ever you get a chance, you must come to London Borough of Redbridge as it has the most green spaces in London with lot's of sightings of all sorts of various birds - Check out the ELBF forum and and of course London birders for what has been sighted and pictured - You'll be impressed by what has been in the borough of Redbridge and sorrounding borough's.
Good Birding!! Fellow Urban birder!
Alan Thomas