Friday, 3 April 2009

Invisible Girl

Lancaster Gate skies, west London - Kim Dixon
The last couple of days have been quite interesting and were made doubly nice by the wonderful spring weather.

In a nutshell, I have two possible presenting gigs outside of The One Show coming up very soon for two different shows. I will let you know all about them once I've been given the green light. The latest in my 'Lindo At Large' series has just been posted on the Birdguides' website Also, one of the TV series treatments that I wrote when the devil was a boy has been  taken up by Icon Films in Bristol with a view to being developed if I can attach a couple of A-list celebs to it. So I'm gonna have to seriously stalk and work the Notting Hill set!

Last night I attended Stephen Moss' launch of his book 'The Bumper Book of Nature', outside in the Wildlife Garden at the Natural History Museum. His book is a comprehensive list of suggestions to get kids out exploring the environment. The sentiment is good because so many kids are content to sit indoors in front of a screen playing a computer game. I met Peter Holden of the RSPB there. He is a veteran birder whose still active within the RSPB. He's written tons of books and first came under my radar as the editor of the YOC magazine 'Bird Life' when I was a wee nipper.

This morning I had to forgo checking up on my beloved Skylark to have a posh breakfast at The Dorchester instead (shucks!). I'm the Vice-President of the Association of Celebrity Assistants (long story) and I had organised this event nearly 3 months ago. It was lovely - all very posh but the ladies who run things there were delightful.

Tonight, I had dinner with a mate that I have known for over 10 years. He had managed to hide his 'new girlfriend' away from me for 8 months. Previously, he'd promise me that we'd all hook up and invariably the meeting would be cancelled. I was beginning to think that she was a figment of his imagination - an invisible girl. She was actually a very nice girl, which made me wonder why he hadn't introduced me to her before in the first place. 

To crown it all, not only did I meet her but he also announced that they were getting married! My custard drenched apple and rubbarb crumble duly went down the wrong hole.


holdingmoments said...

Good luck with the film and celeberity stalking. I'm sure you'll have them queuing up to sign.
And what a nuisance about that posh breakfast at The Dorchester and having to miss the Skylark :)

Wild Freckle said...

Wow! Sounds like things might be starting to happen - everything crossed for you - you deserve it! Breakfast at the Dorchester - sounds a tuffie - a fun week all round. Fun week ahead here on Mull - our Eagle Hide opens Monday morning - Dave Sexton played a great April Fool - said President Obama was checking out his Scottish ancestors and because of the link with the bald eagle wanted to visit our eagle hide - I feel for it hook, line and sinker! And a Great Tit is roosting in our camera nestbox (courtesty of Simon King website competition!) - never a dull moment!