Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wedding bells

Mr & Mrs Barbato and no, she isn't nude!
I had a gorgeous day near Beccles, Suffolk at my good friend Sacha's wedding. I first met him 21 years ago at Brent Reservoir whilst birding. We became great birding buddies thereafter. Sacha was with me on my first few visits to The Scrubs and was a great person to have birdy chats with especially due to the fact that he lived in London.

When he met Nathalie, his workmate, I knew that they were destined to be together. She is a cool girl with a wanderlust that matched his. When they moved to Norfolk 4 years ago I grieved despite being very very happy for them. I had lost my London birding mate.

I hadn't really, as he is still at the end of a phone line and he still has a very keen interest in the birds that I find at The Scrubs, despite the fact the he is now seeing birds in East Anglia that I can only dream about.

They are a great couple and I wish them heaven. 

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