Sunday, 19 April 2009

Krakow tomorrow

I'm now getting slightly desperate in my search for Ring Ouzel and Nightingale at The Scrubs. I've recorded both species on passage every year for the past five. My problem is that historically the ultimate time to locate these species on their brief stopover at my patch is during the week commencing the 20th April. Tomorrow's the 20th and I'm going to Krakow, Poland then for the week. 

I fear that The Scrubs will be barely covered during that period. Anyone out there who could pop around and watch over it for me?

This morning I heard my first Garden Warbler of the season (although there was one reported 2 days ago) and a Skylark, perhaps 2 were seen - but not from the recognised breeding area. I'm really confused. Have they deserted and the bird(s) I see are just lingering? Or are they still breeding but just ranging around?

After seeing Manchester United knocked out of the FA Cup on penalties by Everton at my mate's house, I returned home tail firmly between legs and started packing my bag for my trip to Krakow to experience the wonders of urban birding there. I will be picked up at the airport by my guide, Przyemyslaw (or John as I've dubbed him because I cannot pronounce his name for love nor money!). He will then take me around for the next few days. Should be interesting.

I will hopefully be reporting back from Poland tomorrow night.


Warren Baker said...

Ah! the pressures of birding! I always wonder what i'm missing whilst at work!

holdingmoments said...

I'd gladly watch your patch if I lived nearer; I've never seen a Ring Ouzel. :)
Enjoy your trip.