Saturday, 4 April 2009

Not model behavior

From a footballing point of view, this Saturday was a far better day than the previous four Saturdays because we actually won! In fact, I even scored a goal! It was a penalty that I took. Slotted it into the right hand corner!

After breakfast, I nipped down to the Wormwood Scrubs Fun Day organised for the local populace in order for them to sample the 'natural-ness' of the area through face painting and the usual activities you get at these occasions. I lasted 10 minutes. Thereafter, I sloped off to check on the Skylarks in the grassland. 

I was horrified to see a group of 5 large muscled geezers flying their model aircraft often inches above the grass. A Kestrel made the misfortunate decision to start hovering over the grassland. As soon as the twats saw it they trained their planes onto it, buzzing it as it tried to hunt. Incensed, I turned to talk to them. But when I saw the size of some of the men's muscles I thought better of it and gritted my teeth instead.

I'd like to think that if their planes were buzzing an Eskimo Curlew that I would have intervened.


Warren Baker said...

Scum bags. You should of got your kite out, and tangled them up!!!!

Wild Freckle said...

Congrats on the footie! Shame about the idiots with their planes - just makes you wonder about the human race sometimes!