Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I never realised....

....that people actually read this blog!


I often sit here pounding out the words on my Mac thinking 'who the hell reads this stuff?' Well, a few people obviously do, as I have been discovering recently. I'm sure that some of you have had people come up to you asking you about things that you had previously thought no-one knew about. That is until you realised that you had dashed your thoughts onto the stoney rocks of the ether for the world and his mum to potentially read.

Today, I called the marketing/promotions people at the London Wetland Centre to ask if I could film at their site on the behalf of Birdguides. The first lady I spoke with firstly knew who I was and gushed that she read my blog avidly. (If you are reading this now, I hope that I haven't embarrassed you!)

I just hope that my mum hasn't sussed out how to get onto my blog. She has a laptop and is experimenting with the internet but she is definitely in at the shallow end - not like her son who is well and truly deep see trawling on the net! 

It's a lucky thing I haven't been getting into the more sordid details of my life.......yet!

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holdingmoments said...

Can't wait lol