Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hurdles crossed

European Starling - Andy Cook
I hope that those of you who celebrate Easter had a chocolate filled good time!

I spent the last few days writing the articles that I should have written over a week ago. The great thing is that the piece that I wrote for the RSPB on Top Lodge, Fineshade Wood went down very well with the editor. Which reminds me. The latest issue of 'Birds' should be hitting people's doorsteps any day now. If it has hit yours, look out for my piece on Brighton's Starlings. Let me know what you think.

Today I had a good meeting with Alicia my new web designer. So over the next few months you should see a discernible difference with my site - hopefully far sexier and functional.

On the birding front, I had two amazing site ticks for The Scrubs on Monday in the shape of a Kingfisher (miles from the nearest stretch of water) and a Red-legged Partridge that I flushed from Chats Paddock. We have been recording Northern Wheatears on a near daily basis and I had my first Common Whitethroat for the year. Finally, my Skylark seems to be still around, but is given to suddenly taking off and flying miles away.

Tonight, the rain is pelting down outside my window, though they say that tomorrow will be the warmest day yet this year. The rain will stop overnight before the dawn and the morning's meant to be wonderfully sunny. All those factors could result in a fall of migrants.

I will be patrolling first thing.

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