Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Twittering twit

An Hudsonian Whimbrel's nape
I'm getting a bit more used to this Twitter business. I'm sharing some of my innermost trivial thoughts with my mass of 83 followers. I don't even understand what a follower is. Do they get alerted as to when you decide to impart some gem of knowledge? 

What I do know though is that I have some corporate followers; Birdguides, RSPB, London Wetland Centre and the Polish Tourist Board. With the latter, I assumed that I was being kept tabs on by an ex-Polish girlfriend. I quickly realised that it was because I will be heading out to Krakow in May as part of my urban birding series for Bird Watching Magazine.

Speaking of birdwatching, at lunchtime today I nipped over to The Scrubs to check on my potential Skylark family. I spent an hour standing by 'Pipit Heath' (my name for the area designated for the breeding pipits) watching and listening. I had 2 gorgeous male Northern Wheatears on the football pitches behind me, around 12 Meadow Pipits - but no sign of the Skylark, not even a call.

I hope that they are quietly getting on with their domestics.

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