Friday, 24 April 2009

Poles apart

This morning was a bit of a cock-up probably due to language misunderstandings. I was meant to meet 'Chem' my guide at 5.30am to check out a cemetery - or so I thought. So I crawled out of bed and slid down to the bustop to catch the 150 at 5.30am only to find that there was no number 150 and it was now 5.35am. Panicking, I jumped into a cab and paid 32 zlotys to get to the meeting place. Of course, when I called Chem, he was on a tram heading to work thinking that I wasn't turning up. Miffed, I spent another 32 zloty to get back to my hotel for some kip.

How much are zlotys worth these days anyway?

To quote the late great Marvin Gaye, I was 'flying high in a friendly sky' by the late afternoon heading to Stanstead. It had been an interesting week. Football tomorrow.

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