Sunday, 26 April 2009

A sunny day in London

Alas, I have to concede that the pair of Skylark that I so zealously guarded on the grassland at The Scrubs have finally deserted. To be fair, it was wishful thinking to suppose that they would stay and raise a brood, given the level of disturbance - both terrestrial (dogwalkers and humans) and airbourne (low flying model aircraft). I will now have to redirect my energies to make sure that our Meadow Pipits don't go the same way.

As I strolled around my patch early this morning, I realised that I was still pretty knackered after my Polish adventure. There was not much to be seen, but I did see my first Swift in British airspace.

After a brief siesta, I set about the boring minutiae of the paperwork that has been lying on my floor for the past 2 weeks.

1 comment:

holdingmoments said...

Shame about the Skylarks David.
Let's hope they've found somewhere quieter to raise young.