Monday, 30 March 2009

Northern Wheatear

A male Northern Wheatear at The Scrubs
A trip to The Scrubs this morning resulted in finding one of my most anticipated summer migrants - a gorgeous male Northern Wheatear - which was the first for the year. These birds never fail to excite me and they have been showing up at my patch for as long as I've been pitching up here (the best part of 17 years).

Our Skylark was also still present, now singing a lot from the ground. A classic sign that breeding could be under way. I feel a lot more positive about their chances of successfully breeding because a lot of the dog walkers are keeping their animals under control in the area.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday I received Eric Simm's desk copy of 'Bird's of Town & Suburb' from his daughter. I was totally happy and it will now be a prized possession. 


Alan Tilmouth said...

When I start my book (The 100 Worst Bird Pictures Ever Taken) I'll be in touch David, I'm sure that I can find space amongst my own for this.
It's nice to see someone who wants to be genuine and not bother with photoshop editing ;)

The Urban Birder said...

What's photoshop editing.....?