Saturday, 7 March 2009

Plans and stuff

Black-legged Kittiwake - Dawn Balmer
With my brush with the law out of the way, life returned to its normal law abiding way. 

Yesterday afternoon, I motored leisurely over to the Birdguides offices in Acton, west London to meet with Fiona Barclay and Max Whitby. We were convening to discuss a schedule for some films that I want to shoot this year. My plans included a trip to the Orkneys in late July to ring seabirds with the BTO and a return journey to Paris to cover the emerging birding scene. 

Fiona very kindly downloaded their 'iDentify' cd containing the calls of over 500 European species onto my new Crackberry. Not that I'm into product placements but you guys should try it, the calls sound great through the phone - especially the displaying Great Bustard!

Football this morning was successful. We won 8-3.

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