Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A date with the rain

Tonight, I'm sitting on my bed listening to the Rolling Stones as the rain, teaming from the heavens, lashes on my bedroom window. It's been raining all night, seemingly a natural continuation of today's dismally grey and depressing day.

I spent some of my day compiling and writing the February London UK Bird report for Bird Watching magazine. It involved trawling through the London records and picking out the most interesting sightings. This is easy enough, until you take into consideration that you have only 200 words to play with and you can only say 'London Wetland Centre' so many times. It is a challenge!

Tomorrow, if the rains cease, I'm going to head off to The Scrubs with the sole aim of finding and identifying an interesting gull species. I'm hoping for Yellow-legged. Yes, I'm setting my sights low as I probably have more chance of meeting the Pope on The Scrubs than I have of seeing a wayward Ivory Gull.

But stranger things have happened.......


Warren Baker said...

sounds like one of my patch visits dave! Sometimes though, you just find that bird!

Oxonhoath Birds said...