Monday, 23 March 2009


It was a slightly blustery, grey and generally chilly morning at The Scrubs, throughout my visit. To be frank, I wasn't really in the mood. Despite that, I clocked our first Blackcap - a male gripping to a Blackthorn twig for dear life as the wind whipped up. It burst into a mini song before flitting off. I saw a total of around 4 birds.

The Skylarks were still present and I watched the male as it fluttered up vertically to around 10ft to start singing, only to be chased off by an angry Meadow Pipit. Which reminds me, I must pull my reference books out to check out the Skylark ecology.

I received a lovely email from Eric Simm's son this morning. I was quite honoured to be contacted by a member of his family. In my response email I confessed to stealing his late father's 'Birds of Town & Suburb' from my local library, when I was eight. 

Was I a bad boy?

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Warren Baker said...

Blackcap! I have been out all afternoon looking and got nowt!

PS I got a lot of my first bird books the same way as you did!!