Friday, 27 March 2009

Moth Man

Here's one I took earlier - last year to be precise
I forgot to say yesterday that after I traipsed around The Scrubs in the morning to no avail, I came across a moribund fox standing in the middle of the street. I approached it to within 5 feet before it wearily looked up at me and then dragged itself under a car, leaving its tail jutting out on the road itself. It was large, perhaps a dog fox, that must have been hit by a car.

Tonight, I was filmed mothing in Perivale Woods, west London by Birdguides. I had fun checking traps and 'sugaring' trees to attract the little beasties. I got 6 ticks, the names of which have totally escaped me!

Got home at a reasonable time and proceeded to work on my talk on urban birds that I am giving at the Herts Bird Club Annual Conference tomorrow afternoon.

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