Friday, 13 March 2009


My first ever The One Show Shoot: Parakeets - Valeria Fabbri-Kennedy
Yesterday, a tripped down to cloudy Bristol in the west country to have a few meetings at the BBC Natural History Unit along with my lovely agent Jo. The idea was to raise my work potential at The One Show and Springwatch. I will let you know what the eventual outcomes are when I know them.

Today was a day of paperwork, but I did nip down to see the illustrious Fiona Barclay at Birdguides in order for her to launch me into the world of twitter. After 8 hours I had 40 followers. Not bad eh?

I still find it weird writing a blog. Not so much the fact that I am spilling part of my heart out into the ether for all to examine (or at least for those bothered enough to read them) but because there has been several occasions when sleep has claimed me before I had even finished writing.

My problem is that I leave it until last thing at night whilst sitting in my bed. I'm winding down from an invariably heavy day, it's a late hour and my eyes are beginingg todcm xz.lkl[,s p;z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................


Goosey said...

I'll be looking out for you on the Beeb then, has that bit about the Parakeets already been on the TV or am I too late? I have never seen any in the wild although I heard there are a few at Studland here in Dorset.
Blogging is good fun but you are right it is a bit weird!

Wild Freckle said...

Good luck with the "Beeb" - dont let them try to change you - keep true to yourself! Look forward to seeing you on Springwatch - I wont mention the footie result - oops sorry - did Liverpool win?? (I'm a closet Chelsea fan)