Sunday, 13 December 2009

A weekend of no birding

Kucuk Camlica Hill, Istanbul a couple months ago (Dean Eades)
I had quite a good weekend with very little birding involved. In truth, I've not been to The Scrubs for two weeks. It's been a mixture of too much work to do mixed with the usual winter doldrums. I should really get myself out there to see if I can get to a 100 species for the year - for the first time. I'm currently on 93.

Football was pretty good on Saturday morning. It was a 4-4 draw and I was voted man of the match for the second week running. I also had a party of 30 or so Redwing heading northeast, which was quite nice whilst standing in between the sticks.

The festive period is beginning to kick in and I have been invited to a couple of parties next week that I will be reporting on for you - as I won't be touching any drink. Hopefully, I will make it over to Wormwood Scrubs next week too.

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