Sunday, 27 December 2009

The day after the day after Christmas

Common Stonechat (Jon Osbourne)
Dawn saw me standing on the western edge of The Scrubs listening to hundreds of squawking Rose-ringed Parakeets getting ready to leave their roost whilst I scanned the skies for signs of hard weather movement. Ultimately, I was to be disappointed as the only real movement I saw were around 30 Redwings and 2 very distant Fieldfares.

Today was also the Scrubbers Christmas get together replete with mince pies and mold wine. Well, I forgot my mince pies and certainly didn't bring any wine. It was just as well because only long term Scrubber, Roy Nuttall, showed up. So we strolled around flushing 2 Snipe and finding our winter resident pair of Stonechat.

Back at home, I finally cracked open my presents. Aside from the itouch and field guide I mentioned yesterday, I also received 2 scarfs and some cosmetics to help keep an urban birder young, sexy and beautiful looking!

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