Friday, 11 December 2009

London Birders Christmas Booze Up

No it's not a two-headed Common Gull!
With most of my immediate deadlines out of the way it felt like a sizeable weight had been lifted from around my neck. I still have tons to do mind you. I have a truckload of stuff to ship over to my lovely web designer in order for her to relaunch my site in the New Year. My agent's office has also given me a ton of stuff to research for them. I'm not looking forward to that.

BBC Radio London called me today to ask me to be on a show tomorrow night at 10.30pm. I will be talking about animals turning up in weird places in the capital. That should be fun.

My day was capped by the London Birders Christmas Drink which was a bit of a raucous affair. Most of the raucousness emanated from the inebriated mouth of my good mate Dez McKenzie who managed to confuse a Greater Sandplover depicted on my Blackberry screen for a Curlew. I put it down to the ale and gave him the benefit of the doubt!

Around 20 blokes turned up and one woman, fellow blogger Nathalie Mahieu, who back in February very kindly helped me out with contacts when I decided to head for an urban birding trip to Paris at short notice.

And oh, I indulged in apple juice with no ice - before anyone starts wondering!


Nathalie said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, it had been my pleasure anyway. Very nice to finally meet you!
Have a good show tonight...

Des McKenzie, said...

There goes my credibilty ...

I think I was wearing the wrong specs. Actually, did I even have any on!

Great night, lots of fun, nice to 'see' you both there ;-)