Thursday, 10 December 2009


A frosty morning at The Scrubs
I've been off the blogging scene recently thanks to the endless deadlines I've had. Due to the Christmas period, deadlines were pushed forward. It's kinda weird writing about the onset of spring while staring out of a window at December fog.

The first in my BBC Wildlife Magazine series on How to Be A Birder should be hitting the streets next week. It would be interesting to hear what people think of that. It will be very much beginner stuff with a little twist. I've also been working on a book proposal that suddenly came up last week. The commissioners had their meeting today and I should hear tomorrow of their decision. I will release the news after that.

I was also asked to give a talk to the female prisoners of Holloway Prison in north London. I was thinking of giving my talk 'A Year in Wormwood Scrubs - Life for an Urban Birder'. I wonder if the title would be construed as being disrespectful?

Our should I retitle it 'Urban Birds for Urban Jailbirds?'

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Anonymous said...

Just don't call it "Prisoner - Cell Block H(ornithology)" whatever you do!