Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sex and funk

(Russell F Spencer)
I've been immensely busy recently with several deadlines to reach by Monday and to be honest I'm currently struggling with my latest Bird Watching piece on my trip to Lisbon. The expedition was over a month ago and I haven't written a word about it since - until yesterday!

My problem is although I have the story down I need the sex and funk to make it kick. It's one of those things that generally comes in a moment of inspiration. So it had better come quickly preferably before Monday!

This morning despite loosing at football, I was voted man of the match due to the high number of 'world class' saves (not my words) that I made. From a birdy point of view, I forgot to mention that last week during football I heard a Siskin calling overhead. It was the first record for my 'whilst playing football' list. This list is worldwide and includes such beauties as an Osprey low overhead whilst I was kicking leather in Hyde Park and a flock of 6 American White Pelecans seen whilst I lay exhausted on my back after a particularly long game in West Hollywood several years ago. It was dusk and the birds were illuminated by the sportsfield floodlights.

It's worth letting in a few goals for the sake of a good bird.


holdingmoments said...

Love the idea of a 'whilst playing football' list.
I've got a 'while walking the dog' list, but never been as far as you with your 'football' list.

Peter Alfrey said...

A bit of sex and funk- thats what those uninspired, short-sighted people need too I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Funkbirder - The S**thotsounds Approach. Now there's a name for a blog!
I have the opposite problem - I can't stop writing (pity it is mostly dross).