Saturday, 26 December 2009


I hope you all have had a fun and peaceful Christmas.

I put on at least 6 stone on Christmas Day, although to be fair to myself, I did have a 2 hour game of scratch football in Kensington Gardens with my mates - you know, jumper for goalposts stuff. We played near the Round Pond so there were plenty of milling gulls and flocks of Mute Swans and feral geese to watch out for. Today I wasn't in goal but playing outfield, so birding opportunities were somewhat limited. I scored the winning goal in a penalty shootout. You should have seen my celebration!

I've also been hitting The Scrubs for the past couple of mornings scoring at least 4 Snipe, a calling Red-legged Partridge and this morning, a superb winter plumaged Mediterranean Gull. Tomorrow morning is the planned Scrubbers Christmas gathering, but the turnout is likely to be poor.

Yesterday, I received an email from India alluding to the possibility of an invitation to the Indian Birdfair that's being held in February. It may also be a case of the true meaning being lost in translation. I responded saying that I would be up for it plus I suggested a few ideas. I'll see what comes back.

Believe it or not, we still haven't opened our Christmas presents in my household - strange I know. What I do know is that my mum has got me the Helm field guide to the birds of the Atlantic Islands and that my best mate has got me an Apple itouch, which I'm particularly looking forward to fooling around with tomorrow when we finally crack open the presents.

Time to kip up so that I'm fresh to find that oddity in the morning that's lurking at The Scrubs.

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