Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Stuff the birds!

Hoopoe in Istanbul (Dean Eades)
The stuffed bird debacle took a different twist today when I decided to hand the potentially offending item back to the giver. She was quick to confirm that her taxidermist only handles naturally dead animals, so there was no question of the Goldeneye being the victim of a twelve-bore.

Today was the usual mix of writing, plotting and planning with Christmas shopping thrown in to queer the pitch. I sent a proposal over to the Tower 42 Management Team about the formation of my Bird Study Group idea. I'm really excited about the potential discoveries in store for us when we begin looking for migrants next spring.

Later in the evening I journeyed into the freezing night to Houndsditch in the city to attend Redmint Communication's Christmas gathering which was in a Turkish restaurant. They were the people who organised my successful trip to Turkey via their client, the Turkish Tourist Office. I had a nice night. The ladies at Redmint were an absolute delight. They really looked after me - as they have always done from day one.

I was at home by midnight, writing this blog and contemplating my first trip to The Scrubs for well over two weeks in the morning. What will tomorrow bring?

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