Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I woke up to a nippy morning. The lure of my bed although strong, was broken by the thought of seeing some overflying wild swans or finding a bewildered Jack Snipe in the grassland at The Scrubs. On arrival, I did see a couple of odd geese flying fairly high heading east, but my instinct told me that they were probably Egyptian Geese - especially when I noticed a group of c25 obviously larger Canada Geese flying at rooftop level below them.

The walk around 'my garden' with fellow Scrubber, Roy Nuttall, resulted in a pair of Goldcrests (infrequent here) else!

Oh, whilst I remember I have got to do a few 'shout outs' for a couple of my fellow bloggers. Thank you Nathalie for your helpful tips on locating Parisian birders, the wonderful Wild Freckle for the French lesson and to Clare for getting me into this blogging lark in the first place.

Today was fairly uneventful so I won't even start to bore you with the details. Even more boring was the task that I had to attend to this evening; writing up my section (Penduline Tit to Sparrows) in the 2006 London Bird Report. No room for creative writing here. Oh no, just interpreting figures into ultra dry comments like 'two on July 5th and 6 on Aug 30th'.

How dull!


Goosey said...

Really interesting blog and inspiring re looking for birds in the town. I have recently visited Slimbridge for the first time, having not been to a Wildlife and Wetland trust place before, magic!

The Urban Birder said...

Hey Goosey,

Keep finding those birds!

Nathalie said...

You're welcome!
I enjoyed discovering that there is more to Paris than I thought, more blogs to read, and more urban peregrines to follow, and look forward to reading your article!

Re. Goldcrests, a lot of them must have moved to West London this winter, they're popping up all over the place on my patch just South of yours...

Warren Baker said...

can you send me a link to you site. I'm obviously looking at the wrong one. ( )

The Urban Birder said...

Hi Warren,

My site is:

Wild Freckle said...

Mange Tout - Mange Tout!