Tuesday, 3 February 2009


The snow in Croydon today - Kim Dixon
Thankfully, the forecasted snowfall didn't occur last night. What a relief. I'm not mad on snow unless it's proper snow in places where it's supposed to snow like the Alps, the Arctic or on Aviemore.

I did my usual plotting and planning today. You know, replying to emails, chasing money, dreaming.... Did I mention birding? Well there was none of that today, though I did muster a puffed up male Blackbird on a fence today.

Going back to the Bill Oddie Springwatch thing, I've now heard that the mention of Alan Titchmarsh et al is purely paper talk. Thank goodness for that. I hope that they opt for an expert who knows their onions. 

Anyway, that's it for today. Tune in for less tomorrow!


Wild Freckle said...

Why did it never snow like that when I lived in London?? Move to Scotland and even less of the white stuff! Glad to hear no truth in the rumour of Alan Titchmarsh - bring on David Attenborough I say! From a very, very cold, but snowless Mull

Warren Baker said...

Hey Dave,
Where's the November, and December report from the scrubs. (on the website)

Clare said...

Two goldfinches spotted in the garden on Monday - when it really snowed. Starlings are attacking the fat balls with gusto and the blue tits get the occasional look in.

Mr Stiths said...

yeah i know the feeling Clare - I set up a feeding station on my local reserve (i'm the voluntary warden so it was easy to do) and the fat balls and half coconuts filled with suet are destroyed by tits, GS Peckers, Robins in two days flat

The Urban Birder said...


My November and December reports are on my site. Look under 'Cities to Watch' and go to London.