Saturday, 14 February 2009

Crushed by the wheels of industry

Two natural hearts
Whilst most people were busy making plans for their loved ones on this, one of the most commercial money making days of the year, I was toiling in front of my laptop. Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart and I have been known to give ladies bunches of flowers, I feel that love can be expressed all year round and not just on one given day.

At football this morning, it was amusing to watch some of the lads rush of promptly at 11am in order to fulfill promises made about time keeping with their loved ones. Some of the fellas didn't even show up this morning. I had visions of them being shackled to a heavy piece of furniture in order to prevent them from nipping out for a game of footie! The score was 5-5 in the end, by the way.

This afternoon I popped into Soho for some bits and bobs and noticed a Sparrowhawk drifting high overhead.

I wondered how many people in the crowded streets were aware of that magnificent bird?

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