Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Chiffchaff or a first for the Western Palearctic?

Is this a Chiffchaff?

I woke up to another grey day in London.

Before heading out of the door to do a voiceover for Birdguides, I checked my emails and came across one sent by a good birding mate of mine containing the above displayed picture. It was taken by a non-birder on holiday in southern Spain last week. My friend was flummoxed. He was thinking that it was an aberrant female Black Redstart. My first thought was a Blackstart - but they are grey with black tails. Then my imagination started running wild and I was conjuring images of me discovering the Western Palearctic's first Familiar Chat - an African denizen!

Anyway, I circulated the picture to the people who should know better and the vast majority plumped for Chiffchaff.

What do you think?

Well, the voiceover went well. I was laying down the voice for the Birdguides promotional film on how to use their many services. Jeez, those guys are really high tech!

In the afternoon, I had a lengthy meeting with my lovely agent, Jo, at her offices in Shepherds Bush, west London. We have a good plan to put into action and I will let you know how I get on!


lee said...

my monies on a robin

Wild Freckle said...

or a warbler??

Graham James said...

I reckon it's a Robin, David (or Bluethroat!)

Alan said...

Chiffchaff - tail shape - long legged appearance