Sunday, 15 February 2009

Does whatever a spider can

An early morning trip to The Scrubs resulted in my first Bullfinch record for several months. A fine male flew along the embankment and dipped into Chats Paddock. There used to be two pairs of this scarce finch breeding on my patch, but some careless habitat 'management' during June one year put paid to one of the pairs. So it's always nice when one pops up.

Aside from that, at least three Goldcrests, a couple of flyover Greylags (scarce here) and a solitary Meadow Pipit were the only other birds of note.

Back at The Urban Birder Towers more work was done on the computer and later, I had a meeting with my camera operator. We made plans about shooting more short birding films for broadcast on the Birdguides website and elsewhere. 

After she left, I got engrossed watching Spiderman 3 on Sky.....well we all need a bit of time off now and again!


Alan Tilmouth said...

I'm interested as to the purpose of the short films, advertising your brand? Profile raising?

The Urban Birder said...

I want to try and make wildlife films that could help to get a new generation of people into conservation.

Simple as that.

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Grand idea David, massive efforts going into getting new people involved with wildlife and conservation so I hope your venture into films works, I'm sure it will. Cheers for the comment on my blog.

Alan Tilmouth said...

Yes, noble thoughts. No criticism except the constructive kind meant but I originally asked because you mentioned Birdguides so I assumed that you were aiming at that audience (i.e. experienced birders). If your aiming at people not currently involved in conservation would it not be better to post the films elsewhere.
I realise this has bugger all to do with me i'm just trying to understand how this media stuff works on a dark feb night.

The Urban Birder said...

Hi Alan,

You're right. The stuff posted on Birdguides is aimed at birders, but I see that as practice for when I do stuff on The One Show and the like.

I feel that sometimes too much knowledge is assumed, so what want to try to do is keep is simple, informative and entertaining.

By having a laugh you can often impart a lot of information.