Thursday, 26 February 2009

The postman better knock

Yesterday's mystery photo raised a lot of comment not only on this blog but also on email and text. As I said earlier, the vast majority of people fancied it as a Chiffchaff, despite the dark face, lack of supercilium and leggy appearance. Such is the excitement of birding.

My crackberry finally collapsed. A month ago I dropped it in a cup of hot chocolate and despite facing a certain death, it came back to life like Lazarus. There was a price to pay though. The Cadbury's hot chocolate had disintergrated the microphone on the phone, so I could only use it with  a headset. That was fine until today. Thankfully, a swift call to T-mobile resulted in a super-duper upgrade being despatched to arrive tomorrow morning. How easy is life sometimes?

I did a talk at a primary school to 60 eight year old kids a couple weeks ago and I received an email from their teacher today saying that they really enjoyed it. In fact, they had written a load of thank you letters and they were being shipped over to my address for the morning.


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Wild Freckle said...

Did the postman knock or ring twice? Hope you got a bumper pile of post - I'm sure the letters from the children made great reading - I'm a great believer in getting youngsters involved and excited about birds and wildlife - start them young I say (although I was a very, very late starter!)