Friday, 5 December 2008

Not so good.....

Not such a great day today.

Went to The Scrubs in the morning and saw zilch. The bushes were empty, not even a Blue Tit. The best bird was a pair of Canada Geese that flew low north towards the Grand Union Canal as I was leaving.

At home things didn't get any better. I called The One Show director that I'm working with on the Waxwing story for a catch up. He broke the news that it had been dropped for fear of no Waxwings being present and that they have had 'too many bird stories' recently.

I was gutted. Very disappointed.

Life goes on. There will be other films that I will make - and I will make them!

Tonight, I head off to Radio London to be on the Tessa Dunlop Friday Night Late Show to review the morning's papers and chat with callers.

Tomorrow is another day.

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