Tuesday, 16 December 2008


The Dilge and The Urban Birder

Jumped on a train from Paddington early this morning and arrived at Bristol Temple Meads for the first of the meetings that I had planned. Mike 'The Dilge' Dilger met me from the station when I arrived at 10am and we headed off for breakfast.

We met because we are doing a talk together in late January in Essex to around 800 people on our birding lives. We had a right gossip about the business, The One Show and of course, our planned talk. We put the blueprint into place.

At midday, he dropped me at Tigress Productions where I had a meeting with TV supremo Kath Moore (her name probably means nought to you, but believe me, she's a right mover and shaker!). I was there to tap dance and get her to think of me in 2009 when she considers what talent to push for whatever wildlife TV project that they are working on. Time will tell whether or not I made an impression.

Next, I walked up the road to BBC Bristol and chewed the fat with The One Show commissioner whilst waiting for my cab. Whilst I was with him, I learnt that the film that Birdguides have posted on their webzine presented by me about birding in Kensington Gardens has received rave revues so far. Excellent!

Got my train back to London at 2pm and was back in the Big Smoke by 4pm. Tonight I am of to the London Birders Christmas Drink over at Tower Hill. Don't worry, I won't be getting drunk!

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