Monday, 1 December 2008

Planning a Waxwing invasion

I woke up to a gorgeous morning today. I also woke up late. Too late to go to The Scrubs to discover one or more of the five species that I need to hit the magical hundred. I suppose there's always tomorrow.

Today was a good day in The Urban Birder office. BBC's The One Show bought my idea of doing a piece on the Waxwing invasion currently underway in Britain. It looks like I will be heading to Scotland very soon to check out the Waxwings there. Apparently, there has been over 300 in Glasgow city centre. I have to give props to the commissioning editor at The One Show, Doug Carnegie. He's a birder and a great supporter.

Thankfully, I finished my Readers Digest piece. It will be a jovial look at being an urban birder - not to be taken seriously - due to be published next March.

I had an email from a fella today lamenting the loss of Common Nighthawks in New York. I invited him to write an article about them for my site. Meanwhile, I am starting my Bird Watching Magazine article and my November Scrubs report for my site. 

Any ideas for me anyone?


Warren Baker said...

I hit the magical 100 species for a calendar year this year, after 6 years of trying. My best effort previously was last year with 99! I didn't think there was anything left to see, but I got my 101st in the form of a Pochard. So KEEP LOOKING!!
PS what about an article on the scrubs patch?

The Urban Birder said...

Thanks for the encouragement Warren.

When you talk about a Scrubs article where are you talking about? In a magazine? The One Show?

Warren Baker said...

Dave, it would be interesting to read in a magazine, about the scrubs different habitats. Maybe a few bird stats thrown in, best years total, best months total. most memorable day on your patch, future habitat changes good or bad. Maybe just an article on what can be seen on a typical full walk round. It would be good to have a slot on the one show, when you could do a tour of your patch, but I expect time would not allow!