Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mixed blessings

I finally made it to The Scrubs this morning! I actually woke up on time! Apart from a wintering male Reed Bunting, a Stonechat and 7 overflying Fieldfares there was nothing of note to be seen. Even the numbers of gulls loafing on the football pitches was low with just about 100 Black-headed's, around 10 Common Gulls and no lurking Mediterranean Gull!

Back at home I spent some of the day shouting down the phone at the bane of my existence, Congestion Charging for London. I hate them. They are just a bunch of money grabbers!

The Glasgow Waxwing flock that I'm planning to film for The One Show is disappearing as I write this note. It's down from 350 birds or so to a paltry 30-ish. I need to find a larger flock so we may have to delay filming until we can pin down a suitable flock. I have some guys on the ground up north who are feeding me with the latest flock news.

I also learnt today that I will be off to Budapest early next year to research the urban birding in that city for Bird Watching Magazine. Nice one. I also agreed to spend a day at next year's Lee Valley Spring Wildlife Weekend in May, chatting to visitors, giving a talk or two and checking out the nestbox that I made for the site last year.

Finally, I had a request from a Japanese TV station. They want to interview me about the rise of the Rose-ringed Parakeet for the Japanese market. Although I will do it, I am not the greatest fan of British Rose-rings. 

Anyway, back to the numerous articles that I have write - plus, it's about time I updated my website too!

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