Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Christmas - One and All!

Tessa Dunlop and The Urban Birder at BBC Radio London
First thing first. Merry Christmas all. I hope that it was a day of love and peace. A tall order for some I know.

I spent the early hours of the day at The Scrubs with stalwart birder, Roy Nuttall, in the vain hope of discovering something amazing. Aside from nearly 400 Black-headed Gulls there was little else. We met with a non-birder mate of his who quickly produced a little nap sack with a flask of mulled wine and some mince pies. So there we were sitting on a bench watching the world go by tucking into typical Christmas fayre!

Amongst the usual skin care products that I had for Christmas I also received a brilliant gift. An original artwork of a male Ring Ouzel by the bird artist Jan Wilzcur. 

Oh and on the eve before Christmas Eve I was invited down to Radio London to be on Tessa Dunlop's evening talk show. Ostensibly I was booked to chat about urban birds between 11pm til midnight. I ended up being involved in deep conversations with callers on subjects as diverse as religion, homosexuality, race and a Northern Cardinals!

Such is the life of an Urban Birder!

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