Saturday, 3 October 2009


This morning's football was pretty dismal as we lost 4-2 only scoring in the last 3 minutes of the game. The session was very tetchy and involved one player (a bit of a twat if you ask me) leaving the pitch in a huff after a series of altercations with another player.

Pygmy Cormorants in Istanbul (Dean Eades)
Felt pretty tired throughout today- a mixture of Istanbul fatigue and football. For the next few days I will have to really knuckle down to finish the stuff I need to write, as I am staring deadlines in the face.

Tomorrow, I will be co-leading a bird walk around Beddington Farm in south west London at 9am. It will be a walk designed to introduce people to the Farm and to highlight the difficulties it faces with its future conservation.

Until then.


Wilma said...

Just found your blog earlier today and am looking forward to reading and viewing more. The cormorants in silhouette are nicely understated against those wildly flaming sunrise colors reflected in the water. Hope your walk is successful.


DNLee said...

that's the best shot ever. perfect sunset. looks like a calendar shot.